Oral History of the Radville and Brooking Areas

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Oral History of the Radville and Brooking Areas
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R-A1245 to R-A1254
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1976 and 1977 and donated to the Saskatchewan Archives Board. This project contains the personal reminiscences of long-time residents of the Radville and Brooking areas. As the informants describe their lives homesteading, farming or living in town, one not only gains knowledge about general pioneer practices but also about the development of these places. They speak of when they first came to Saskatchewan, why they settled in these districts and what they were like in the early years. They recall when certain buildings and houses were built, anecdotes relating to their neighbours and other townspeople and the history of businessess, clubs and organizations. Most interviews are accompanied by photographs of the towns and of the informants.
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