Sport and Recreation in the Lives of Saskatchewan Women Prior to 1936

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Sport and Recreation in the Lives of Saskatchewan Women Prior to 1936
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R-8700 to R-8716
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1982 under a contract of the Saskatchewan Archives Board. The oral testimony gathered for this project was used in the preparation of a Master's Thesis in Physical Education at the University of Saskatchewan on the history of sport. It acted to supplement archival written and visual sources. Main areas of interest were ethnocultural and social background, rural and urban orientation, working conditions, and the impact of technology. The documentation of sport and recreation is an important dimension of social history. This project aimed at collecting information relating to this particular aspect of history with special emphasis on women. Sport and recreation were important as diversions from work and for the provision of relaxation, enjoyment and entertainment. Contrary to some impressions, pioneer life was not restricted to toil in the fields and struggle against perilous weather conditions. Social life and sport flourished and had a place in prairie society. For example, in 1891 sixty women participated in the Regina Rifle Club competitions, and in 1896 the first ladies' hockey team was formed.
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