Interview with Kehinde Daodu

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  • Date: 05/12/2015
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    Kehinde Olawunmi Daodu, a teacher by profession in Nigeria, came to Winnipeg in 1990, initially as a visitor. Enticed by the serene life in Winnipeg and the fact that she had her second daughter on Canada Day (1 July), she decided to stay and settle in Winnipeg with her two daughters. Being unaware of immigration procedures, she ended up in jail and was eventually deported to Jamaica where she lived for three years before her permanent residency papers were processed. During this time, she was separated from her husband who was unable to get a visa to visit her until 1998. Unable to teach with her Nigerian teaching certificate in Winnipeg, Kenny returned to school and then changed careers to become first a hotel and restaurant manager, then restaurant owner, and later a health care provider.

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