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  • Interviews conducted since 1990 with the intention of preparing a
    book. The project was undertaken to give voice to prairie
    representatives of thousands of Chileans who fled brutal
    repression under the dictatorial regime of Augusto Pinochet of
    Chile. On those tapes they reminisce about political conditions
    before the 1973 coup, their capture and treatment in prison
    (including torture and "disappearance" of loved ones), their
    eventual escape or release from the country, the process of
    relocating to Canada, their treatment as refugees or immigrants;
    family experiences in learning the language and culture of
    Canada; economic difficulties faced in trying to integrate into
    this society; and in many cases, their dreams of returning to
    Chile. Contains references to the Saskatoon Chilean Association,
    the Salvador Allende Cultural Group, and the Chilean-Canadian
    Association, and to Saskatoon, Regina and Calgary.

  • Interview conducted on August 24, 1991. Reminiscences of early
    decades of this century, by three prominent Saskatonians:
    Delisle Thompson, Alistair Taylor and former Alderman Cecil A.
    Wheaton. They reminisce about their childhood and early careers
    and describe conditions of life in Saskatoon during the early
    years. Topics include domestic life (plumbing, etc.), school
    days, early businesses (dairies, bakeries, electric companies),
    changing forms of transportation, early telephone and
    electricity, local characters.

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