Sanford Riley Fellowship in Canadian History, Riley Fellowship Lecture Series

Riley Lectures

The Riley Fellowship in Canadian History promotes the study and dissemination of Canadian history. This fellowship is awarded annually to a scholar or scholars of Canadian history interested in pursuing and sharing their interest in the study of Canada with the faculy and students at the University of Winipeg and interested members of the community. The Department of History, University of Winnipeg is responsible for the selection of the Riley Fellows and the administration of the programme.


Funding for the Riley Fellowship in Canadian History is made possible through a generous endowment from Sandy Riley of Winnipeg who is an enthusiastic student of the history of Canada. He is a former Chancellor of the University of Winnipeg and a vigorous supporter of Canada's Natural History Society.


The Riley Fellowship in Canadian History is an integral component of the H. Sanford Riley Centre for Canadian History located in Bryce Hall, University of Winnipeg.

H. Sanford Riley Fellowship in Canadian History Lecture Series began on October 19, 2009 with an inaugural lecture by Dr. Ramsay Cook on the topic of "Who Broadened Candian History?"

The Oral History Centre hosts the audio of Riley Fellowship Lecture series presented at the University of Winnipeg.

For infomation on upcoming Riley Fellowship Lectures see the Oral History Centre Events page. To learn more about, or listen to, past Riley Fellowship Lectures click on a "Story" tab.