Brome County Historical Society

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Brome County Historical Society
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Interviews conducted between 1978 and 1985 with local residents, about their lives and their communities. Interviewees are from Eastman (1 interviewee), Dunkin (1), Iron Hill (4), Brome (2), West Brome (2), Tibbits Hill (2), Knowlton (17), Sutton (9), North Sutton (10), Glen Sutton (1), Sutton Jct. (2). Topics include Daisy Creamery (Sutton), schools, making butter, farming and oxen, Hon. Sydney Fisher, Alva House, lumbering, railroads, general store, game warden, wildlife and trapping, Brome Fair, maple syrup, Knowlton Distributing Home, Home Children, and local notary. Sound quality varies.
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