The OHC is located in Bryce Hall in rooms 2B05, 2B07, 2B22 and 2B23. These rooms include an archive, equipment storage room, a sound controlled interview room, a lab with 4 computer workstations, a presentation classroom and a kitchen area.  In order to book our spaces you must be a member of the Oral History Centre, or a collaborator in an OHC supported oral history project. To become a member, complete our Introduction to Oral History Workshop.


The OHC has digital audio recorders and transcription kits that members can borrow. Our lab has four workstations for audio, photo and video editing, as well as equipment for digitizing audio. 

In order to borrow equiment from the OHC for your project you must first become an OHC Member. You must sign a loan agreement in which you agree to pay for any lost or damaged equipment. Equipment is loaned for a period of 3 weeks (unless special arrangements with staff have been made). Equipment must be returned immediately upon request.  Availability of equipment is not always guaranteed, as it is loaned out on a “first come” basis.