Carpenter, Carole Henderson

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Carpenter, Carole Henderson
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Interviews conducted as research for a thesis on the history of folklore research in Canada, with interviewees in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, British Columbia and the United States: Arthur Huff Fauset, Dan Watt, George Story, E.R. Seary, Agnes O'Dea, Leo E.F. English, Frank M. O'Leary Jr., Leo Moaker, Michael Murphy, F. O'Brien, Mary Doyle, Harry Carter, A.B. Perlin, Michael Harrington, J.W. McGrath, Mrs. J.W. McGrath, Miss McGrath, A. Maloney, William Kirwin, M. Bennett, Robert McLeod, Neil Rosenberg, Lewis Brookes, Leslie Harris, Herbert Halpert, Dave Quinton, H. Boyd Trask, Helen Creighton, Horace Beck, Wendell Hadlock, Maud Karpeles, Florrie Snow Hall, Tom M. Doyle, Howard Glasser, Mrs. Leo Mitchell, Louise Manny, Major N. McLeod, William C. Barrett, Mrs. McGregor, D. Hunton, Gaston Allaire, W.E. Ireland, Father Germain Lemieux, Mrs. John Robinson, Robert Klymasz, Kenneth Peacock, Barbara Cass-Beggs, Magnus Einarrson-Mullarky, G. Laws, Ruth M. Rubin, J.R. Wilson, Ralph Rinzler, Robert Gard, Phil Thomas, Elisabeth Greenleaf, Edith Fowke, John Mannion.
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