Chapters of Saskatchewan''s Spoken History

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Chapters of Saskatchewan''s Spoken History
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R-6106 to R-6137
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1971. This Opportunities for Youth Project was one of the earliest large-scale efforts to tape record the reminiscences of a cross-section of the province's early settlers and long-time residents. The Project, conducted with the assistance of federal funds, prepared the ground for the Towards a New Past Program, administered by the Saskatchewan Department of Culture and Youth, 1972-1977. Due to the limited travel budget, the thirteen students engaged by the project, were restricted to Regina and the immediate surrounding area. The students succeeded in recording 180 interviews, all of which have been transferred to the Saskatchewan Archives. In some cases the interviewees donated documents such as photographs, diaries and publications. The interviewers did not attempt a thematic approach in their efforts but succeeded in capturing the personalities and personal contributions of the interviewees. A final report and evaluation prepared by B. Allan Quigley, Project Director, and diaries of the different interviewers is filed with the summary of Tape R-6106.
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