Communist Party in Saskatchewan

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Communist Party in Saskatchewan
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R-5045 to R-5052
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1979 under a contract of the Saskatchewan Archives Board. Many of the people involved in the Communist Party of Canada in its early years are no longer available to tell the story. Concerned that a significant portion of Saskatchewan's political history would be lost, Murray Dobbin proposed a number of interviews in an attempt to document something of the Party's influence. His project is not a history of the CPC in Saskatchewan but rather the memories of four individuals concerning their views of and experiences with the Communist Party. Three of the informants have been long-time members of the CPC. They relate something of their personal backgrounds and the circumstances which encouraged them to support the communist philosophy. They speak of the structure of the party, of conventions, meetings and educational gatherings. At times communists in the province were injured or imprisoned because of their political affiliations and the informants recall several incidents of this nature. They describe their involvement in organizations such as the Farmers' Unity League and the Workers' Unity League and the Communist Party's influence in the formation of the CCF. The relationship which existed between the CCF and Communist Party is described by the fourth informant. He was actively involved in the politics of the North and the CCF since 1949 and many of his associates are members of the CPC. Though the number of interviews is not large, their quality is excellent and they represent a valuable resource for researchers of Saskatchewan's political history.
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