Emigration of Artists from Saskatchewan to Toronto

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Emigration of Artists from Saskatchewan to Toronto
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R-A866 to R-A872
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1975 under the "Towards a New Past Programme" of the Cultural Activities Branch of the Department of Culture and Youth. Concerned that there appears to be a growing number of people leaving Saskatchewan for other places, Alan Goluboff, a former Saskatchewan resident himself, began an oral history project to determine the reasons for this trend. Because he resides in Toronto and is actively involved in the film industry, it was decided to narrow his project's scope to pertain to those individuals working in the arts who have emigrated there from Saskatchewan. He interviewed other individuals involved in film and a businessman who owns an antique and interior design shop. Most informants speak of their personal backgrounds and education, their work, how they became involved in their particular fields and why they had to leave Saskatchewan comparing the opportunities there in the arts with other places in Canada. They describe positive aspects of life in Saskatchewan and the attractions which Toronto life offers. Most feel regret at having to leave the province and give their views of what needs to happen here to encourage artists to stay. People researching the development of the arts in Saskatchewan would find the personal views of these individuals helpful.
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