Prairie Oral History Association

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Prairie Oral History Association
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R-8285 to R-8312
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Summaries of some interviews
Interviews conducted between 1979 and 1981. Many of the stories have been transcribed and edited by Joan Olson in Prairie Reflections: Pioneer Life 1900-1930, Regina, 1985 (available at the Saskatchewan Archives, Call No. R-E2360). The Prairie Oral History Association was formed in 1979 by a group of seniors through the Department of Extension, University of Regina. In 1980, as part of the celebrations of the province's seventy-fifth anniversary the group obtained a New Horizons grant to tape record life stories and reminiscences of pioneers. They donated the interviews to the Saskatchewan Archives Board. The object was not only to depict the hardships and trials faced by the province's early settlers, but to give those interviewed an opportunity to articulate, in their own words, their personal experiences and observations. By returning to the same themes in each interview, the interviewers asked about both family and community life. Their stories reveal courage, perseverance, humour and resourcefulness that enabled them to survive the early years on the prairies.
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