Saskatchewan Valley Oral History Project

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Saskatchewan Valley Oral History Project
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S-482 to S-529
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1981 under a contract by the Saskatchewan Archives Board. The Saskatchewan Valley Oral History Project was carried out by the Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan and Alberta (M.H.S.S.A.) with the assistance of the Saskatchewan Archives Board. It is a continuation of "The Culture and Heritage Resources Survey of the Saskatchewan Valley Region" carried out by the M.H.S.S.A. in 1979. The Saskatchewan Valley Region covers approximately 3,240 square kilometres and is composed of the four rural municipalities of Corman Park, Laird, Rosthern and Duck Lake. Saskatoon was also included in the scope of the project as many of the participants are former residents. The original survey of 1979 showed the need for an oral history project, as the majority of the potential participants are elderly, and without their stories an important aspect of the region's history would be lost. The oral history project emphasizes themes such as immigration, agriculture and education. The project also documents the interviewees' personal histories by recording their occupational, social and family experiences.
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