Town of Mount Royal Oral History

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Town of Mount Royal Oral History
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Interviews conducted since about 1985 with long-time residents as part of an ongoing project initiated by the Town and carried out by university students (Urban Studies). This historical material gives an overview of life in a new "small town", a suburb of Montreal, which came into being as a result of a tunnel built under Mount Royal and opened for regular train service in 1918. Some of those interviewed were children in the 1920s, some were newly-married couples, some have been actively involved in municipal politics, as Alderman or Mayor, and some are former employees. Includes an interview with R.J.P. Dawson, who was mayor for 36 years, from the 1950s to the 1980s. When this project is completed it will give a good idea of what Mount Royal was like from the 1920s on, sociologically, environmentally, etc.
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