William Richard Motherwell Homestead

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William Richard Motherwell Homestead
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R-1989 to R-2002
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Interviews conducted in 1978 under a contract of the Saskatchewan Archives Board. In restoring the William Richard Motherwell homestead and preserving it as a historic site, considerable research was done to determine exactly what the house and grounds were like when the Motherwells lived there. As part of that research, Sarah Carter interviewed people who were once associated with the homestead including a farm manager, two farmhands, three hired girls, neighbours, Catherine Motherwell's sister-in-law, a woman who resided with the Motherwells as a young girl and several long-time residents of the Abernethy district. For the most part, informants speak of everyday life in the household. Using old photographs of the house and grounds, they describe each room in detail commenting on furnishings and relating many anecdotes about activities that occurred there. They also describe the gardens, flowers, trees and outbuildings. Those who worked on the homestead speak of their duties and several of the informants speak of the Abernethy district, of early businesses and of social life in the town. Two were actively involved in the Abernethy beef ring and related considerable information about this organization. In this project, memories are collected not only of the physical presence of a home and its furnishings but of the life of a particular family and the district in which they lived.
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