Women in Saskatchewan History

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Women in Saskatchewan History
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R-A387 to R-A404, R-A431, R-A432
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Summaries of interviews
Interviews conducted in 1973 under the "Towards a New Past Programme" of the Cultural Activities Branch of the Department of Culture and Youth. As research for a paper and possible thesis on the role that women have played in Saskatchewan's history, Kendall Kyle interviewed women who have been influential in many facets of Saskatchewan life, i.e. in civic and provincial politics, farmers' and women's organizations, churches and many volunteer associations. All feel strongly that women should play an active role in the community and that many have the potential to make great contributions. Most informants speak of their childhood years, their families, education and work. Several were teachers at one point and three were nurses. Others have become well known in Saskatchewan writing circles. One individual speaks of the struggle to establish a hospital in Porcupine Plain, another speaks of her work in the early years of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation. Several were active in the Home and School Association, the Council of Women and the Homemakers' Club. They tell of their struggles through organizations such as these for women and people in general. In a number of interviews, the contact that these women had with others who were influential in the early CCF is mentioned, i.e. Violet MacNaughton, Dorise Nielson and Louise Lucas. Their political views are spoken of in many cases. As they reminisce about their lives, one senses the enthusiasm and drive that they have to make Saskatchewan a better place.
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