Canadian Food History Symposium 2015

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Miso and Soy

Daniel Pastuck's presentation was focused on the use of soy in modern culinary practices. In researching the topic, Daniel interviewed a local chef from Yujiro Japanese Restaurant who is currently engaged in culinary experimentation using soy. Through interviewing and research, Daniel traced the used of soy and the production of soy products for food (such as miso) from ancient Asian roots in China, through the diverse uses of soy that emerged during industrialization in North America, to the present movement of returning to ancient practices in order to reimagine soy and integrate innovations into contemporary cuisine, stopping along the way to explore the issue of food-specific cultural appropriation.

Audio File:

Audio recording of Daniel Pastuck's presentation, recorded at the Oral History Centre, April 2, 2015.

  • Photo: Daniel Pastuck, Canadian Food History Symposium, Oral History Centre 2015.