Canadian Food History Symposium 2015

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Wine and Canadian Socio-Cultural Identity

Madison Connolly's project explored the relationship between wine and identity in Canada. In interviewing a local sommelier from Banville & Jones, Madison discovered (as many oral historians do) that rather than perusing her initial research questions into the relationship between wine, social status and national identity, it became more pertinent to explore what her interviewee revealed to be a more observable connection between wine, nostalgia and social interaction—a conclusion that was supported by personal anecdotes imparted by her narrator, and Canadian trends in the importation, production, and exportation of wine.

Audio File:

Audio recording of Madison Connolly's presentation, recorded at the Oral History Centre, April 2, 2015.

  • Photo: Slide from presentation by Madison Connolly, Canadian Food History Symposium, Oral History Centre 2015.