Canadian Food History Symposium 2015

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The Disappearance of Pig Farms in Manitoba

Emily Nikkel's research explored the shift in Manitoba’s landscape of pig farming. In her research, Emily interviewed an independent Manitoban pig farmer, illustrating the ways in which pig farming practices are impacted by diverse and convergent forces, including the value of the Canadian dollar, market values, importation and exportation, and government policies regulating farm operations. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research Emily’s presentation illustrated a demonstrable shift toward large-scale farming operations and the decline of independent mixed farms in Manitoba, and at the same time illustrated connections to social policies as identified by her interviewee, demonstrating that in her interviewee's day-to-day experience such trends, policy and regulation very directly impact on one’s “roots, home and way of life.”

Audio File:

Audio recording of Emily Nikkel's presentation, recorded at the Oral History Centre, April 2, 2015.

  • Photo: Emily Nikkel, Canadian Food History Symposium, Oral History Centre 2015.