Canadian Food History Symposium 2015

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Tracing the Decline of Food for First Nations from pre-European Contact to the Present

Aisha Entz approached an expansive history of the decline of food quality for First Nations people in Canada by exploring the issue of access to food through connecting market practices to the persepectives shares by her interviewee, an Indigenous “urban gardener.” In her research, Aisha explored how, for her interviewee, food is connected to identity and demonstrative of a deeply felt separation from land and community. Through her research Aisha connected her interviewee’s perspectives— her personal journey toward re-establishing a connection to land and culture through food— to the policies and regulations that served to enforce this separation, including The Indian Act, re-location of Indigenous peoples to reservations, impediments to First Nations to continuing agricultural practices, and the current market conditions that have served to impede access to food.

Audio File:

Audio recording of Aisha Entz's presentation, recorded at the Oral History Centre, April 2, 2015.

  • Photo: Aisha Entz, Canadian Food History Symposium, Oral History Centre 2015.