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The Merger of locals 832 and 111: The Merging of Two Union Cultures

24 Sep 2013

The history of local UFCW local 832 is a history of mergers. Today UFCW local 832 represents workers from the retail, food processing, health care, security, industrial, the garment industry, and transportation industries making it a diverse union. This diversity is a hallmark of the union today but the roots of this diversity go back further. It was in 1979 that the retail clerks union and the united butcher workmen of America merged as one union internationally creating the United Food and Commercial Workers. It then took another decade before Local 832 and Local 111 merged as one union in Manitoba. This merger, between the meat cutters and retail workers, although not the only merger in the local 832’s history, changed the makeup of the union permanently and had a lasting effect on local 832. The merger not only merged two unions but two union cultures. What follows are some of the stories and memories of the merger between the meat cutters and the retail union.