Oral History Forum d’histoire orale 40th Anniversary Issue

06 Feb 2015

The 40th anniversary issue of Oral History Forum d’histoire orale, the online journal of the Canadian Oral History Association, is now available.

Richard Lochead, retired from Library and Archives Canada, analyzes the changing role of archives in Canadian oral history

In addition, five Canadian oral historians reflect on the past 40 years of oral history in Canada:

  • “Workers’ Oral History: Recording, Preserving, and Promoting” (Ken Clavette and Robert Hatfield)
  • “(Where) Do Canadians Talk About Oral History?” (Alexander Freund)
  • “Rewinding Back to the Beginning: In Praise of the Donor Interview” (Caroline Forcier Holloway)
  • “Oral History in Canada: Ten Years Later” (Ronald Labelle) “A Forum for Surprises” (Patricia Skidmore-Skuce)

Further submissions – whether articles for peer review; teaching resources, course outlines and syllabi; short think, discussion, and opinion pieces; works of art emerging from oral history (visual art, play scripts, poetry, fiction); annotated transcripts; audio tours; works in progress; or conference reports – are encouraged. Please contact the editor, Janis Thiessen, at or