EPISODE 2: How do we build more resilient cities post-coronavirus?

25 Jun 2020

Dr. Jino Distasio, Professor of Geography and Vice President of Research and Innovation at the University of Winnipeg has been part of a group of academics from across Canada working to understand how increased income inequality has affected neighbourhoods. This multi-city study has revealed that over the past forty years income distribution has shifted altering the social-spatial structure of cities and dividing neighbourhoods along economic lines.  The fallout from the current health crisis with Covid-19 has further revealed how economic and social barriers are affecting neighbourhoods and the need for more investment towards community development and social infrastructure.

On this episode we take a walk with Dr. Distasio around his home neighbourhood in Winnipeg asking the research question “How do we build more resilient cities post-coronavirus?”


Episode Credits

Written, narrated and produced by Kent Davies

Interview participants: Jino Distasio

UWRQ Logo and Web Editing: Kimberley Moore



Dr. Jino Distasio, Interviewed by Kent Davies, May 15, 2020 in Riverview, Winnipeg MB. Digital Audio Recording. “Research Question Podcast,” Oral History Centre Archive, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.


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