EPISODE 3: How does history teach us about structural racism?

10 Dec 2020

Dr. Mary Jane McCallum is assistant professor in the History Department at the University of Winnipeg, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People, History, and Archives and a member of the Munsee-Delaware Nation. Throughout her academic career, McCallum has focused heavily on research related to twentieth century histories of health; documenting the impacts of Canada’s colonial healthcare system on Indigenous persons. McCallum argues we need to look to history in order to better understand present day forms of structural racism.

On this episode, we ask the research question: “how does history help us to think about structural racism?”

Disclaimer: This episode may contain subject matter that may be disturbing to some listeners.

 Episode Credits

Written and produced by Kent Davies

Interview participants: Mary Jane McCallum

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Dr. Mary Jane McCallum, Interviewed remotely by Kent Davies, September 11, 2020 in Winnipeg MB. Digital Audio Recording. Winnipeg, MB.


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