EPISODE 5: What is the importance of understanding collective behaviour and group level goals?

17 Jan 2022

Dr. Olya Bryksina research focuses on goals. Everything from personal goals to large societal goals. She wants to know what motivates us towards attaining those goals and what can deter us. Currently, Bryksina has been examining different types of public health messaging during the covid-19 pandemic. She wants to learn which health messages are more persuasive in achieving the overall goal of limiting the spread of the virus.

On this episode the research question is: “What is the importance of understanding collective behaviour and group level goals?” 

Episode Credits

Written, narrated and produced by Kent Davies

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Dr. Olya Bryksina, Interviewed by Kent Davies, November 29, 2021, at the University of Winnipeg Oral History Centre, Winnipeg MB. Digital Audio Recording. “Research Question Podcast,” Oral History Centre Archive, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.

Public Health Update Excerpts

Dr. Joss Reimer, Medical Lead, Vaccine Implementation Task Force, “Covid-19 vaccination update – June 2, 2021.” YouTube video, 1:10:46, June 2, 2021. 

Dr. Brent Roussin, chief provincial public health officer, “New public health orders – June 9, 2021.” YouTube video, 53:26, June 9, 2021

Health and Seniors Care Minister Audrey Gordon and Dr. Brent Roussin, chief provincial public health officer to discuss public health orders update. “Public health orders update – August 27, 2021.” YouTube video, 45:30, August 27, 2021.

Health and Seniors Care Minister Audrey Gordon, “Vaccination announcement – November 17, 2021.” YouTube video , 1:11:21, November 17, 2021.


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