Episode 8: How do we improve the water quality of lake Winnipeg?

21 Dec 2022

Dr. Nora Casson studies how environmental pressures affect water quality. Dr. Darshani Kumaragamage’s research focuses on the environmental impacts of agricultural practices. Together, they are working on understanding how climate change and human activities are affecting the Lake Winnipeg watershed.

On this episode the research question is: “How do we improve the water quality of Lake Winnipeg?”

Episode Credits

Written, Narrated and Produced by Kent Davies

UWRQ Logo by Kimberley Moore


Dr. Nora Casson, Interviewed by Kent Davies, October 19, 2022, in Winnipeg, MB. Digital Audio Recording. “Research Question Podcast,” Oral History Centre Archive, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.

Dr. Darshani Kumaragamage, Interviewed by Kent Davies, November 3, 2022. Remote Recording. Digital Audio Recording. “Research Question Podcast,” Oral History Centre Archive, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.


Lee Rosevere – Let’s start at the beginning, Puzzle pieces

Podington Bear – Beautocracy, Crystal Boom Persuasion, Curious Process, Fantasy, Spring Solstice, Trinity Alps,

Xylo-Ziko – Djerba

Simon Mathewson – Scanglobe – Drive

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