OHC Membership and Renewals

07 May 2024

The OHC is excited to announce that together with UW’s Technology Services Centre, we have created an automated membership renewal system! This means that every year (or two—it’s up to you!), before your membership expires, you will receive an email reminder to renew.  You will receive two notices: one a few days in advance, and one at the expiration date.

These two reminders are the only membership renewal reminders you will receive. You will have the option to click the renewal link, do nothing at all, or unsubscribe from our emails entirely.

A megaphone beneath a red speech bubble with the text: Exciting News

If you have had a membership in the past and would like to renew it now, click the button to proceed.

OHC Membership is FREE for all current University of Winnipeg Students, Faculty and Staff who have completed the Introduction to Oral History Workshop series (2014–present).

For Community Members not currently employed or enrolled at UWinnipeg, the annual fee for OHC Membership is $105 ($100+gst) per year, or $189.00 ($180+gst) if you renew for two years.

Your support directly contributes to our ability to support oral history initiatives in Manitoba communities. As a hub for a diverse community of oral history practitioners in Manitoba we can continue to provide training in best practices, creative ways to share stories, and strategies to ensure a broad range of oral history recordings are preserved for future generations to hear.



We understand that not everyone has the need to renew, or the means to continue with a paid membership. If now is not the best time for you to renew, you are free to renew at any time, now or in the future, through this link. You can also navigate to the “Membership” page of our website, where you will find the renewal link and an overview of membership benefits.

Thank you for your continued support!



The Oral History Centre