First Nations Histories of Tuberculosis in Manitoba: Winter Newsletter

13 Jan 2015

The Winter Issue (#4) of the First Nations Histories of Tuberculosis in Manitoba is a newsletter that reports research related to the history of tuberculosis (TB) in Manitoba, and it is part of the “Indigenous Histories of Tuberculosis in Manitoba 1930-1970” project.


Led by University of Winnipeg historian Dr. Mary Jane Logan McCallum. It is for anyone who wants to know about historical research on tuberculosis in Manitoba. The goals of the newsletter are to make people aware of the project, to share information gathered as part of the project, and to encourage discussion about Indigenous history in Manitoba. With the release of the new Winter issue Dr Mary Jane Logan McCallum includes the following update;


“Since September, work has been continuing on the “Indigenous Histories of Tuberculosis in Manitoba, 1930-1970” project. In November I had the pleasure of visiting Maureen Mathews, Curator of Ethnology at the Manitoba Museum. She showed me some of the carvings by Inuit patients at Ninette Sanatorium that are preserved at the museum. More recently, the University of Winnipeg awarded the project a Major Research Grant. Funds from this grant will be put towards research assistance to undertake archival research work and transcription of oral history interviews. I am currently seeking matching funds through a Manitoba Heritage Grant. An abstract on age and sanatoria experience entitled “Historical Perspectives on Indigenous Children in Manitoba Tuberculosis Sanatoria, 1940-1960” was submitted and accepted and will be presented at the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Conference in Washington DC in June, 2015. During the fall and into the winter, research at the archives has continued and focuses on information relating to the history of rehabilitation at the TB sanatoria.”